Living Well

Want to use your time more wisely? Start keeping better track of it.
I'm Miss Priss over here, so these boy things amaze me, plus I'm not a fan of guns, as I've already stated and my son loves
Today I have the opportunity to do something I’ve been wanting to for quite some time! I’m taking the spotlight off of myself
Rascal Flatts - "Yours If You Want It" - 113 BPM Britney Spears & Tinashe - "Slumber Party (Bad Royale Remix)" - 70 BPM The
It requires more strength than you could ever lift in a weight room over a lifespan. Those days you secretly wish your husband
Photo credits: Yosemite Falls - National Park Service and Damon Joyce. Surface of Mars - NASA Then there is this question
My house was chosen to be placed on the New York State and the National Register of Historic Places as representative of
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When my husband and I quit our corporate jobs two years ago and headed to Costa Rica we needed a break. We got that break
If people read with a passion like the most wise and successful people I know, do, our society, on average, would be far
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