Long Beach

A large crowd of fans formed around the rapper after he unexpectedly showed up at the festival in Long Beach, California.
Mona Rodriguez died after a school resource officer shot her near a high school as she was leaving in a car.
“The decision you’re about to make … it’s going to reverberate around the nation,” the president told supporters in Long Beach the day before the recall vote.
Some residents reportedly said they heard up to 20 shots.
The alleged plot comes just days after a deadly shooting at a San Diego synagogue.
Cal State Long Beach is cutting ties with a symbol of the Gold Rush that was a nightmare for Native Americans.
The initiative aims to provide hotel workers with a means of quickly reporting sexual assault.
Capt. Dave Rosa, a 17-year veteran of the Long Beach Fire Department, was shot and killed.
The U.S. took in Asian refugees after the Vietnam War, only to put many on a deportation path. A record number could be fed into this system in 2018.
There were several shootings around the U.S. on New Year's Day.