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Men come in all shapes and sizes, and it's not always easy to know what clothing will best compliment our unique body types. Working with male clients for nearly 20 years, I have gained a lot of insight when it comes to finding the right fit and proportion for every man.
Now that the NBA season is complete, we can move onto bigger and better things. Like travel shopping.
"Sex and the City" viewers will remember the scene where Charlotte York writes off a guy who buys her carnations, while Carrie
In general, men are pretty lucky that each season isn't a reinvention of the wheel, in terms of style. We can get away with a few updates and still look and feel fresh.
Which look are you most likely to rock? Here, Regis' roundup of men with irrefutable swag, from triple-layered getups to
Below, Fidler reveals that when all is said and done, there is nothing he loves more than being a father and husband -- while wearing Bally's iconic Scribe shoe, of course.
In the wide range of offerings -- from super-soft cashmere cardigans and meticulously cut velvet jackets to signature flannel suits and fur-trimmed outerwear -- there was no lacking in brand identity. This was romanticism in its most masculine form.
Boston is clearly the go-to guy for fashion conscience folks looking for timeless style advice void of fleeting trends. Boston
The past few years have seen unprecedented technological progress, e.g., materials with memory, natural materials grown organically
Not to worry, there is a north star at the end of the tunnel, as we'll explain in a moment and you can see in the slideshow
The wild and mangy whiskers of some 60 European hopefuls went on display over the weekend as the 2011 Alpine Beard Festival
Made by Dior Homme and yours for only $800. For the man who can't decide what footwear to pair with his jeggings (that's
Welcome to men's fashion season! The menswear shows just wrapped in Milan and fashionistas have already moved over to Paris
Two weeks ago when we asked "Who's the best-dressed Supreme Court Justice?", your answer was Justice Sandra Day O'Connor