Breonna Taylor’s family has joined with demonstrators and other supporters to honor the two-year anniversary of the Black woman’s death in a botched police raid.
Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg said Thursday that he was “traumatized” by news that the suspect had been placed on home incarceration.
Craig Greenberg said that he and his staff are "shaken, but safe" after a man opened fire in his campaign office.
Brett Hankison is standing trial on three counts of wanton endangerment for allegedly firing wildly into Taylor’s neighbors’ apartments in March 2020.
Kenneth Walker "was framed and charged to cover up Breonna’s killing," defense lawyer Steve Romines said. "This is but a first step.”
Louisville Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly claims Kenneth Walker's actions caused "severe trauma, mental anguish, and emotional distress."
No officers were charged with Taylor's killing. A grand jury member said they were not asked to consider homicide or manslaughter charges.
A newly-reported ballistics record is undermining the claim that the officers who shot and killed Breonna Taylor were acting in self defense.
A grand jury declined to file any murder charges against the police officers who fatally shot Breonna Taylor while executing a “no-knock” warrant at her apartment. Former Louisville Police Detective Brett Hankison was indicted on three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment for firing in a neighbor’s apartment.
One police officer was charged with wanton endangerment. Those charges were tied to shots fired into neighboring apartments, but not Taylor’s.