Myles Cosgrove fired 16 shots during the raid, delivering the bullet that killed the 26-year-old Black woman.
Body camera video shows Louisville police officers being fired upon as they arrive at the bank where five people were killed.
The AR-15 used to murder five people came from a local dealership on April 4.
Gov. Andy Beshear choked up while revealing that a close friend died in Monday's shooting at a Louisville bank.
The suspected shooter is dead, and nine others were treated for injuries after the Monday morning shooting.
Protesters across the country expressed pain and anger after a grand jury declined to charge any officers in the death of Breonna Taylor. The 26-year-old Black woman was home asleep with her boyfriend when police executed a “no-knock” warrant for an investigation that did not involve either of them.
Police are investigating after more than 30 bodies, some decomposing, were found inside a southern Indiana funeral home.
Breonna Taylor’s family has joined with demonstrators and other supporters to honor the two-year anniversary of the Black woman’s death in a botched police raid.
Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg said Thursday that he was “traumatized” by news that the suspect had been placed on home incarceration.
Craig Greenberg said that he and his staff are "shaken, but safe" after a man opened fire in his campaign office.