Where does a peanut butter and jelly rank vs. tuna salad or turkey and Swiss?
The first things you need to ditch: your regular bread, jelly and that jar of PB. Confused yet?
Think a snack-free afternoon is impossible? Not if you eat one of these nutritious meals.
Whenever Chloe visits, she wants me to read her favorite literary masterpiece, "Tick and Tock's Clock Book." Subtitled "Tell
E ora si mangia, Vincenzo's Plate...Enjoy! Auricchio Pecorino Cheese with Tartufo Bruschetta Bruschetta is a classic dish
We love a good BLT, so you can imagine our skepticism when we heard about a vegan BLT being served at No Name restaurant in L.A. However, after actually trying the recipe, we were shocked by the flavor profile chef Jared Simons is able to get out of eggplant. Layered with heirloom tomatoes, frisée, onion and radish, the eggplant bacon shines in this vegetable-packed sammy.
"A nice tan!" she repeated. I wouldn't be surprised if Chloe got her own cooking show. Until then, I can proudly say that
Note: Nuts and nut butters are also excellent foods for providing a healthy protein source, beneficial fats and vitamins
Monday I went for shock and awe and made a PB+J on whole wheat bread. (Made with sunflower seed butter, of course, to spare
One of the quickest ways you can upgrade your child's lunch is by making "lateral shifts." That means swapping out traditional, less nutritious lunchbox items for healthy goodies that taste better and give your kids an advantage with their focus and energy. My favorite lunchbox lateral shifts include: