Making A Home

Follow Us On Pinterest | Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter Often times, cosmetic products pile up and look messy
If a room full of gray walls isn't your thing, use it as the accent by incorporating it into trims, doors or even kitchen
Researchers at South Carolina State University tested both petroleum-based paraffin wax candles and vegetable-based candles
3. Sell the stuff you won't use. Every old T-shirt, spare sheet set and never-been-used kitchen mixer is another dollar you'll
Photo: Gettystock For Those Clothes Your Kids Wore Once It's hard to believe that your little baby is a certified preschooler
Adler took us inside the 2,800-square-foot space that she says was once outdated and lacked a cohesive style. Key words here
In the case of Los Angeles, it is scary to think that it may someday become what its politicians have designed it to be, a city for the few uber rich and the many domestic workers who maintain their homes and gardens.
Decorating and organizing a new place can give you those same first-stage-of-the-relationship butterflies. Everything is
Finish is everything: Most sheets are "finished" with chemical processes to keep them from wrinkling or shrinking (look for
Remember when home decor wasn't complete without a full set of encyclopedias in the living room or a stack of overdue library
Professional organizers are able to see things that the rest of us can't. Mainly, the hidden potential buried under layers
HPH: One thing you do everyday without fail? AC: I always look for an beautiful composition and make sure to capture it through
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Decorating your living room is somewhat of a no-brainer: You pick the longest wall, push your sofa up against it and set
Crafting has never been the same since Pinterest came along. On one hand, it's brought out a creative side that some of us
The monthly rent is the tip of the (expensive) iceberg. Moving costs, rental fees, security deposits, set-up fees and other
To call the house a fixer-upper would be an understatement, given what homeowners Richard Fiore and Laura Bohn went through
You'll Need: Bent-nose pliers (like ones you might use for jewelry making) Utility fabric rug liner (sold by the yard at
What To Ask: What is the ultimate goal of moving in together? Why It's Important: "This is something that most couples do
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