Man Up

The basic Republican position isn't that hard to understand. It is: "We are going to deny Barack Obama a third Supreme Court pick, unless Hillary Clinton wins the presidency." That is precisely what some of them believe.
It shouldn't be extraordinary for men to talk about having body image issues.
I wasn't the only one struggling. At my "elite college," depression was a largely unmentioned yet ubiquitous condition experienced by many of my peers. It almost seemed that depression was a prerequisite for admission -- a belief that apparently isn't completely unfounded.
Many men exhibit symptoms of the Peter Pan syndrome, hoping that somehow they won't ever have to grow up. If they can cling to the vision of Neverland that's in their minds, maybe they won't have to leave the video arcade, go to college, or get a job.
What defines a man as a man these days and how far have millennial men come as far as the variety of emotions they are allowed to express openly?
Jimmie Briggs stepped forward into the light yesterday, and brought all the souls in that room with him. We learned what is it to be a real man. What it is to be women. What it is to lead, to collaborate, to support.
Yee-haw! Mr. Bunyan has two kids. He got divorced, and pretty much gave up all custody to his wife. And that's OK with him
Time to take my daughter's lead and man up. I'm working hard at my job raising great, self-confident kids. No apologies. Got a problem with that? Take it up with my daughter.
“It’s best for gay men to go for an STI screen at least once every six months," Cary James, Head of Programs at Terrence
JB: Aside from my mother and great-grandmother who instilled core principles of right and wrong, the biggest inspirations
Does all of this work to create change, or support organizations and people that do this work, really make a dent in the problems we collectively face? Hearts on Fire helps to address this question.
Looking at HBO's recent move -- the canceling of male-driven shows "Hung," "How to Make it in America," and "Bored to Death" and the renewal of the Laura Dern-fronted "Enlightened" -- it's become even more apparent: TV is now the land of women. And that's not a bad thing.
Your friend believes that he has just discovered something so wonderful that he wants you to have it, too. In his mind, he's trying to give you a great gift--the gift of his religion.
Confused? Understandable. WATCH a clip: ABC will hold off on its other emasculated-dude-series, "Work It," about two men
When it comes to Boehner, what should be noted is the free pass Democrats have given him for his many emotional outbursts. Can you imagine if he were a liberal?
While we admit being patted down by a uniformed officer in front of long lines of strangers is an uncomfortable experience, it is far worse for us, the TSA officials doing the full-body grope.
Once upon a time, the answers to such questions were obvious. Now they are contested and shifting, round and round, back