Marie Kondo

Parents breathed a gratifying sigh of relief at the tidying guru's admission that, after three children, she has "given up" and accepted her "messy" house.
"My mind raced with fantasies about my own complete cleanout ― not just of my closet ... but of the pain and grief that had paralyzed my mind and body for the past four years."
The tidying expert is launching an online course to help people defeat clutter as they spend more time at home.
The "Cravings" author had been criticized by the food columnist, who then apologized.
The New York Times food columnist apologized to Chrissy Teigen and Marie Kondo last week for her "tone deaf" remarks.
The New York Times columnist wrote a lengthy apology to the famous women on Twitter after her inflammatory comments about them went viral.
Including a new Marie Kondo book that’s all about organizing your work life.
The mom and decluttering expert is sharing her method with kids in a new children's book.
Marie Kondo's shop offers necessities like a $50 "tuning fork" and a $96 ladle.