Mario Batali

The Friday arraignment comes after Batali was publicly accused of sexual misconduct by several women in 2017.
The family of famed Italian chef Lidia Bastianich, which partnered with Batali on a number of restaurants, said Wednesday that they had bought out his shares.
The late chef was refreshingly honest about his blind spots and the role that Asia Argento played in making him a better ally.
The announcement comes days after authorities launched an investigation into the celebrity chef.
Before we let any of the bad men return, we have to make sure the women whose suffering they caused are made whole.
Celebrity chef mario Batali is being investigated by the NYPD for sexual misconduct.
Police confirm they’re investigating the disgraced celebrity chef.
Please don’t -- but if you must, here’s a guide to writing the most unnecessary stories of the Me Too movement.
"I know he’s really got a good soul and a good heart," Gaffigan told the Daily News.
Joe Bastianich has since issued a statement claiming the comments are "not reflective of his views."