Mark Bittman

Perhaps Mark Bittman has questions, too. The VB6 author and former Opinionator left the New York Times for the vegan meal
Plus: Last Word with Author and Animal Savior Tracey Stewart For five years he led the national food conversation with his
Embracing animal protection is no longer a burden or a sacrifice. It's an opportunity for us as individuals to grow and to be empowered, and for businesses to grow and to connect with consumers.
Purple Carrot is a vegan meal kit delivery service that seeks to provide consumers with an easy way to work more plant-based meals into their lives -- a perfect fit for the Meatless Monday movement.
What does it mean to eat ethically? "Food should be nutritious, affordable, and green--that is, it should minimize environmental
No longer will we be limited to shopping around the perimeter of the supermarket for health. Health will be embedded everywhere in the retail food ecosystem.
I cooked two of the Purple Carrot dishes: delicata squash tagine with chickpeas and bulgur; and a winter variation on panzanella -- Tuscan bread salad -- using Italian-type lacinato kale and served with pan-fried portobello mushroom caps and caramelized lemon halves.
Drop your life in New York City, move to California, join a start-up. It sounds hackneyed, sure. But it's worked for plenty of other folks (the fortunate 5 percenters, that is), so why not the food writer Mark Bittman?
Here's a no-way-definitive list of what I'd like to ask Democratic candidates on the stage in the coming debates about their food and farm policy plans.