Marriage Advice

"Make your own legacy and take this opportunity to flourish and shine away from him."
The sooner you address your feelings of discontent, the better.
Do NOT complain about your spouse to your mother.
With a sexy book, you get to re-read the good parts: the swollen members, the stolen glances, the longing in the loins, all with a bowl of popcorn next to you or grapes or pretzels dipped in ranch.
Wouldn't you love to stop fighting in your marriage/relationship so you can start loving each other again? Watch my brief
Are you and your partner sexually out of sync? You're not alone.
All marriages have dark moments, differences and challenges, to include my own. What holds me close to my darling, ultimate concierge is that my allegiance and devotion has never wavered. He has earned my love by his allegiance and devotion to me.
5. Be Responsible and Proactive Instead of being reactive, when we choose to be proactive, we take up the responsibility
Not to make it about money, but I'm still pretty uplifted by a bra I bought 10 years ago at Target that cost me $14.99. That's approximately .75 cents per boob, per year.