Maternity Leave

Parental leave is the only benefit that isn’t available upon hire or soon afterward.
The freshman lawmaker emphasized that her ”‘unusual" leave policy applies to both mothers AND fathers on her staff.
Critics say it's a backdoor Social Security cut that would particularly disadvantage women and leave out most people who need paid leave.
Talking about a mother's choices, without a broader conversation of how those choices are shaped by her circumstances, is simplistic ― and dangerous.
We dedicate our lives to taking care of other people’s children, but when it’s time to have our own, we have to fend for ourselves.
Lawmakers leaped into action to help Sen. Tammy Duckworth and her new baby. What about the millions of women still waiting for help?
Sure, she's bad at her job. But that's not the same as complicity.
More than 41 million private-sector workers in the U.S. cannot earn a single paid sick day.
This is a crisis in our country, one that our leaders urgently need to address.
Press Secretary Sean Spicer defends eliminating essential benefits protections such as maternity leave from the American Health Care Act.
Watch this video from the National Partnership for Women and Families.
The current rules around paid leave don't account for the realities of today's employees and families. Thankfully, rules
The company’s hourly customer care reps are also included in the new policy.
This time of year it is no surprise when we wake up with the sniffles or our child comes home with a cold. The problem is
I use the term single-mother-by-choice because it disrupts dominant narratives about motherhood and about who can be mothers on their own terms.