Menu Ideas

We hadn't even pulled out of the ferry lot and the women were in menu planning mode. Meanwhile, the guys had stacked the bikes, golf clubs and bags into our embarrassingly oversized car (we call it "The Beast") and were instantly in deep conversation about biking routes.
Take down that picnic basket -- these portable hand pies want to go with you on your next adventure.
This meal must be eaten outdoors, and surrounded by as much lush greenery as your little patch of the world allows and that's a fact.
Get yourself a very long-stemmed spoon to reach into any size vessel.
Sometimes, all you need is finger food.
Recreate must-try restaurant dishes at home, for a fraction of the price.
It's time to return you the favor, Mom -- with a meal that shows just how much we appreciate you.
Forget balloons and last-minute, store-bought chocolates -- this Mother's Day, make Mom a gift that is guaranteed to impress. Just don't expect her to share.