The latest mass shooting comes after a series of deadly mass shootings in the U.S. over the course a few weeks.
Milwaukee police are investigating three separate overnight shootings in which a 17-year-old boy and two men in their 20s died.
"This is how you sneak in a wind chill advisory without upsetting the viewers," tweeted Rebecca Schuld.
Chantia Lewis, a member of the Milwaukee City Council, has been charged over alleged campaign finance violations.
The Milwaukee Bucks superstar took both the team’s NBA championship trophy and his own MVP trophy to a Chick-fil-A drive-thru on Wednesday.
The number of lives lost, as recorded by Johns Hopkins University, is greater than the population of Baltimore or Milwaukee.
"This silly guy found the one Airbnb in all of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, loaded with cops."
The American Rescue Plan's lifeline for restaurants has been inundated with applications, and restaurants worry they won't get more help.
The president reaffirmed that the general public will be able to access 600 million COVID-19 vaccines by July.
The driver was not impaired and was found still breathing after the harrowing accident.