Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness practices of breathing, focusing, watching one's emotions, and managing our ego aren't complicated. These simple
One role of a manager is to lead, and it's difficult to lead cultural transformation if managers are not willing to talk about some of the real blocks to building a sustainable, profitable organization. Change will not happen overnight. These types of behavioral shifts take time to interrupt, and can only happen one behavior, one authentic conversation at a time.
Through my work with Culture ROLE MODELS, I have gotten to know numerous organizations that embody the concept of love in the workplace. What I have seen is that, although these organizations differ in terms of their sizes, products or services, they all share similar workplace culture values.
The executive is on a mission to bring compassion and clarity into the workplace.
Louis Gagnon journeyed to India to share the power of mindful leadership.
Some days are so packed - with meetings and schedules that are inevitably interrupted by drop-in chats, phone calls, and even the occasional real emergency - that trying to accomplish anything can feel like swimming against a riptide.
While we may not all be in positions of great influence at large corporations, we can still contribute in some way to win
As stated above, negative actions not only endanger our environment, but also our body and mind. Self-destructive emotions
This movement is incorporating social missions into traditional for-profit business models. It goes by many names, and it comprises many different factions.
The question, then, is not what new sets of resolutions and disciplines I need, but rather how aware I can be of my whole self, complete with strengths and weaknesses. We all have foibles and failures; we all have incomplete aspects to our personalities
Please watch my interview with Siva Kumari at the IB Heads World Conference in The Hague And excellence in education is about
Discounts, cyber sales, one day specials, season's hottest gifts... all words that can draw us into a frenzied holiday season at the end of the year. And while offering someone a gift can be joyous and heart-warming, it can also be stressful and leave us feeling empty inside.
Clarity. It sounds so simple, yet is not easy. People want to make a difference, they want to be part of a shared purpose. Do you have a vision and values that drive your business?
Tasty food, crisp fall weather, congenial company: these are the kinds of blessings we like to count. But what about the other stuff? How do we appreciate mixed blessings, complicated things, or those that trigger our irritation?
What is causing this shift to mindful leadership? In the stress-filled 24/7 world in which we live, leaders of all organizations need the opportunity for a "time out" period.
At its most fundamental level, a leader is someone who influences. He may influence another person's behavior or choice. She may influence a group's dynamics or effectiveness. In fact, every person, for better or worse, has an influence every day.
Then, you might have them add the following. Each of these examples can be approximately five to 20 minutes in length. LiveYourVie.com
It's time we get over our fear of using the words love and business in the same sentence. After all, business in the simplest terms is about relationship -- the relationships with all the people we work with, buy from and sell to.