The water rose so quickly that farmers in many areas had no time to get animals out.
The Missouri River has hit record-high levels in some areas, and at least two deaths are blamed on flooding.
Wesley Brian Kaster tried to burn down the reproductive health care center in Columbia last month, investigators said.
The dachshund has been reunited with his owner after the horrific ordeal.
Bev Nance and Mary Walsh say they were turned away by Missouri's Friendship Village because of a cohabitation policy forbidding same-sex couples.
After losing her eyesight and nearly her life, Jordyn Walker lives with knowing the terrifying symptoms could return.
David Berry Jr. was sentenced for illegally killing hundreds of deer for their heads, and leaving the bodies to rot.
Republican Josh Hawley knocked off Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, denying her a third term and solidifying the Republican Party’s hold on Missouri.
The victories in Michigan, Missouri and Utah expand the significant gains in the movement to legalize marijuana.
McCaskill had relentlessly focused on health care, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the state’s Republican lean.
The state's wage floor is headed to $12 by 2023.
“I would like to think it was just lack of training,” said one voter trying to cast a ballot in the midterm elections.
“I have an American passport. What does that have to do with the caravan?"
The embattled senator may get a boost from Missouri voters who turn out for a referendum to hike the minimum wage to $12.
“My dad’s a fanatic," Steve West's son said. "His ideology is pure hatred. It’s totally insane.”
The two ballot initiatives would gradually hike the wage floor to $12 and $11, respectively.
The Missouri senator went on Fox News to denounce “crazy Democrats” and say that she supports the president when it comes to the migrant caravan.
The party's executive director, Ray Bozarth, said a miscommunication is to blame.
The statement that voters without the required photo ID had to swear to was misleading, Judge Richard Callahan ruled.
The Army veteran said he had long ignored working on his mental health.