Modern Parenting

So I scrolled down to the less ambitious feed. There it was. "Dirt," which was brownies cut into regular brownie pieces. "Water
We're busy, we're telling people to fuck off, we're saying "no," "I can't" and "I won't" more this year in an effort to guard
"Yes," I said. It's acknowledging our sadness, however deep it goes. It's talking about our sorrow, however founded or unfounded
Is the modern man a savage or a gentleman? A hunter or a philosopher? A manual laborer or a technophile? In today's culture
And before you tell me that I might change my mind and that hey, you never know, let me stop you right there. It ain't happening
I always want to lose my shit when I walk into someone's house and it is immaculate with white furniture and breakable decor
Some conversations are moot at this point in time. How the election could have gone differently. The actions of candidates
My house hears so many words. If these walls could talk, they would never, ever stop--because my kids never, ever stop, either.
Fundraising. The new inventor visualizes bringing the Swipe and Feed to the parenting masses. Inspiration came to Tim Causa
Cat Coode, who runs Binary Tattoo offers online audits of kids' digital identities, says, " Often when kids are 'forced' to