Modern Parenting

I'm not trying to be mean. I really like Pinterest, especially when I don't know what's for dinner tonight and my kids are
Texts and emails are great for instant communication and convenience even if we are losing language as we know it as a result
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Is the modern man a savage or a gentleman? A hunter or a philosopher? A manual laborer or a technophile? In today's culture
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I always want to lose my shit when I walk into someone's house and it is immaculate with white furniture and breakable decor
While all people and certainly all presidents are fallible, there are moments when those flaws are made public. They have
My house hears so many words. If these walls could talk, they would never, ever stop--because my kids never, ever stop, either.
"What if I could catch-up on work while he fed? But I needed something to help me hold a bottle and my smartphone. I searched
Addictions often happen as a result of kids trying to cope with something through a substance or thing. For example, a teenage
The poor struggling college student. It's a rite of passage and a tad cliche, but to some extent we orchestrated it and we kind've like it.
We have a grand time sitting around our dinner table and talking about our days. It's raucous and crazy and loud and full of constant chatter -- because kids aren't even quiet when they stuff food in their mouths.
As parents -- as people! -- we all (I'm pretty sure all of us, yes?) wish there were a simple way, a method that is tried and true and guaranteed to get us the results we hope for... be this a fitness program, a healthy diet, a supplement protocol, a parenting handbook, a financial plan, a spiritual practice, a qualified approach to ANYTHING.
As a mediator and conflict coach, the notion that we must avoid conflict concerns me. I don't think it's fair to view conflict
It finally happened. Someone made fun of Claire because of her disability.
Leadership is overrated. All too often accompanied by inflated ego and entitlement, it tears us apart, offers a temporary façade of confidence, and severs our relationship with the only true leader.
As I wrestle with this paradox, with this profound passage in our lives -- both hers and mine -- I reflect on four guideposts to help me navigate the terrain. I suggest these for anyone who has recently sent a child off: to college, the armed forces, or their first adult adventure.
My son and I read "The Kissing Hand" as we curled up together... our last night before he became a kindergarten student. I watched him drift off to sleep, knowing in the morning things would be different.