Moments Not Milestones

I am also sure that you will find there were some major milestones and moments of joy you almost forgot about. Share them
Becoming a parent and traveling with my family helped me reprioritize my time, energy, and money on creating meaningful moments
What about those moments you're supposed to look forward to, only to discover they actually aren't as magical as you thought? We're here to let you down (gently) about these 15 "magical" parenting moments.
Sure, high school gets all the glory, but preschool is the place where innocence still lives.
There is something beautiful about parenting that, I think in the hustle and bustle of life, I tend to forget. The element of raising a child that is ever changing and ever developing is so common that it can seem a burden rather than a blessing.
I know this day will come; I'm just not sure when it will be. I do, however, know that I won't be ready when it arrives.
Every day my life is perfect. Every day I know can never be replaced. Every day I want to squeeze just one more precious moment with my children just as they are now. Every day I'm tired and worn down. Every day I blink.
Most of the time we don't think about time. It passes unnoticed. Time becomes important only when something needs to get done, or undone. A deadline, an appointment.
This spring and summer I challenge you to see how you can impact the world and get involved with your community. Every single day you are given is an opportunity to achieve greatness. Don't be afraid to make an impact and leave a positive impact on the world!!!
Don't wallow in misery even if you do have to drag the dumb heavy car seat and diaper bag with you everywhere because the great news is you won't be walking into kindergarten with it. Take care of yourself NOW, so you don't feel beaten down tomorrow!
As I continue my rocky spiritual journey through Lent, I notice that I am still, as always, seriously guilty of what the Buddhists call clinging. Westerners might call it greed, getting attached to the temporal and earthly at the expensive of things eternal and divine. Greedy clinging is not good for you, wise folks of every tradition will tell you. It'll make you suffer.
To this day I cry every time I think of this special moment. We're all searching for our mission, our reason for being on this planet. I feel like I found mine that day. And it all started with such a simple gesture.
As we get older peer pressure becomes less and less of an issue. Or does it? Many parents today are always looking at the parent next to them to find out what's "normal."
Compassion in the smallest moments, be it melted desserts or bubbles that burst a little too quickly, can lead to understanding our kids better in the long-term. There is power in allowing them to feel the full weight of their unhappiness. There is strength in supporting them as they work through their feelings and learn to regulate on their own accord without forcing them to stop crying -- to stop feeling -- before they are ready.
We live stagnantly, trying to get through the throughs of every day life: just merely existing. We become numb to the world around us and ourselves as we join the steady unthinking chaos around us.
Setting up a lifestyle friendly foundation of radiant health will keep you more grounded and balanced. Striving for better health is a great thing and it's absolutely possible to do so in a way that enriches your livelihood. Here are three key lifestyle friendly principles for better health:
Instead of a narcissistic entry into this new decade, I am choosing one of reflection, gratitude and service. I can't think of a better way to celebrate this milestone than by reflecting on blessings and confronting unearned privileges and finding ways to promote awareness and kindness in others.
Wasn't this what we all hope for? That our kids become these self-sufficient beings, capable of walking off -- first down the hallway, then down the street, across town, and ultimately out of our household to create another -- without us?