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“Do you have a kid, or a doll that you love a lot?” the "A Simple Favor" actress asked on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”
Forming a community of parents, writing about our agonizing moments of self-doubt and shame when we lose it and scream back at our screamers, allow us to feel less alone during the isolating and terrifying journey of raising babies and young kids.
While being a blogger can be a great opportunity to express yourself it can also become time consuming. In fact, there are many bloggers who have quit their full time jobs in order to blog permanently. What may seem like an effortless task for those who are reading the blogs is far from easy for the bloggers. They are tasked with the responsibility of creating content, editorial calendars and the overall maintenance of the website.
Companies are not just using Digital Influencers to grow their businesses, they are paying them....and paying them well.
I am apparently the hippie-crunchy-granola mom who has been accusing of shaming other moms simple because of my lifestyle. Yes, I am the mom everyone loves to hate. You cringe at my posts on social media. You judge me when I walk by. You complain to your other mom friends about me.
I should start by saying that I haven't actually been banned from Chick-fil-A.  Yet.  I do predict, however, that it is only
She is not only a friend, but someone I deeply admire and who inspires me to be a better version of myself.
I ask you, Secretary Clinton, why is the United States the only developed country without laws providing paid family leave? In fact, why are we one of the only industrialized countries in the world without a paid family leave policy in place?
Whether someone inherits a bad body image from their family, or learned it from our crazy culture, it is possible to heal. In my therapy practice, I have worked with women of all ages and from all walks of life and I have found that if there is desire and willingness, there is hope to break the legacy of bad body image.
Blog traffic strategies are many and varied, but wouldn't it be great if we had a magic button that would send a flood of traffic to our blog every time we hit "publish" on a new post?
3. Pouring liquids Kids love exploring texture and it's good for their motor skills too. Next time you need to add water
In this post, I'd like to address verbal/emotional abuse. Check Out more posts like this by Oluseye on
Our Kids are Our Treasures, let's be vigilant with them. Image Courtesy: As parents, the key to keeping our
As she kissed the tip of my nose and whispered, "I love you Mama" all I could think was "Stay this girl forever."
I act on impulse a lot. This is one of the main reasons I adore my husband. He stands by me through all of my whims, and supports each decision... bad or good. There are times he is smiling and probably doubting my decision, but he would never let me know. We are each other's cheerleaders. So, the boudoir shoot was a whim I didn't think through. It sounded like a great idea, I found a spectacular photographer, arranged a date, and then I looked in the mirror.
I read hundred of blog posts each week. In fact, if I added up the number of posts I read each week and converted the number of words into books, it would probably be enough to fill a small library at least! Maybe one of those mobile ones that visit schools.
While the women who raised their kids pre-Internet were definitely lucky that they never had to deal with information overload, opinions galore and a constant stream of Pinterest-worthy birthday party photos, I'm sure they would have been all over the FB mommy group.
There are 4 million mom bloggers in North America alone, but you know what? Most of them are failing. And you're probably one of them. Not because I'm picking on you, but because statistically, the majority of moms who blog make little to no income from their blogs month after month.
My name is Mary and I'm a parent of teenagers. I wish I could share more specifics with you. I'd like to talk about the day-to-day stresses and triumphs that make our family life what it is. It might be cathartic to tell you why I cried last week, or to write a blog post about a lovely conversation I had with one of my children. But I won't do that. It wouldn't feel right.
I'm a big fan of podcasts. In fact I like them so much I started my own as a way to stay creative in my industry between diaper changes and toddler tantrums.