Money and Kids

The New Republic seeks an editor to "rais[e] hell" about inequality — in a 29.5 hour "part-time," non-union, no-benefits position.
The 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful says "the best way to honor our veterans’ service is to cancel the blank check for endless war."
Some Las Vegas casino magnates are asking Congress to fix an apparent flub in the tax law. Lawmakers are telling them to bargain with their workers first.
The tech giant is entering the cryptocurrency space, but don't expect Libra to be another Bitcoin.
A proposal from Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.) would upgrade the Earned Income Tax Credit. The odds against it remain high.
A recent ad for a journalism job underscored the challenges that can face job candidates with disabilities.
The "I Will Teach You To Be Rich" title is polarizing, but the advice is on point.
The infamous TurboTax bill -- which no longer benefits the tax prep industry -- has another important provision.
The catch? You have to be willing to join an online bank.
You can learn a lot about how Congress actually works from the budget process. If you can stomach the budget process.
The merger will create one of the world's largest defense companies.
The bureaucratic nightmare of holding employers accountable for wage theft is a glimpse into America's two-tiered justice system.
Credit unions offer some of the lowest auto loan rates.
When work is your passion, you can "power through" too much and ignore warning signs.