Money and Kids

The "I Will Teach You To Be Rich" title is polarizing, but the advice is on point.
The infamous TurboTax bill -- which no longer benefits the tax prep industry -- has another important provision.
The catch? You have to be willing to join an online bank.
You can learn a lot about how Congress actually works from the budget process. If you can stomach the budget process.
The merger will create one of the world's largest defense companies.
The bureaucratic nightmare of holding employers accountable for wage theft is a glimpse into America's two-tiered justice system.
Credit unions offer some of the lowest auto loan rates.
When work is your passion, you can "power through" too much and ignore warning signs.
New credit data from Experian shows how Americans fare 10 years after the financial crisis.
Summer holiday weekends offer great deals, but not the best ones of the year.
The roots of the recent TurboTax debacle go back to another bipartisan rip-off.
Federal law says Congress can have the documents. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says no.
Hazing is a dangerous, but deeply-embedded part of fraternity life. But following the tragic hazing deaths of students like Penn State’s Tim Piazza, states are finally beginning to change their laws against it.