"The reality is, 66% of people who’ve had abortions plan on having a baby when they’re older, financially stable, and are in a supportive relationship."
"I worried you would look around and find me wanting. As my mother had. As my classmates had. As I had."
Allyson Felix just became the most decorated female track athlete after winning bronze in the 400-meter final at the Tokyo Olympics.
"At night, sleep’s not guaranteed," Tuliamuk said. "I have to wake up and go run, feeling like a zombie.”
The Duchess of Sussex has two kids, Archie and Lilibet, with her husband, Prince Harry.
"We fill our social media feeds with happy baby photos yet we crumple behind closed doors."
"The very last thing that occurred to me was that our child, so long-awaited and wished-for, could tip me into an emotional free fall."
The actor has a son and daughter with her ex-partner, Tim Burton.
The pop icon has two sons: Chaz and Elijah.
Experts share where and how to find support for postpartum depression, stress and anxiety after having a baby.