The Duchess of Sussex has spoken about the joy and vulnerability of raising her son, Archie.
"I have no desire to be part of an organization that refuses to be antiracist," the author writes.
"I am desperate for words of comfort — that I am doing this right, that when we return to whatever we return to, she will be OK."
Caring for a newborn baby and life amid a pandemic share so many similarities that they can blur together.
Missing your mom extra right now? These ideas will help you feel more connected to her not just on Mother's Day, but all year long.
Being a mother to her baby girl is the "best, best, best part of my life," the actor said.
The tennis champ said her daughter Olympia "sure can work that beauty blender."
The actor is the mother of a daughter and son through adoption.
The tennis star talked about how she's often "exhausted" and "stressed" while juggling her career and taking care of her daughter.
"I fear I lost my sister to this idea that women’s lives are incomplete until they’ve been through childbirth."