The baby's father "promised he’d be there for me no matter what I decided to do, but he also begged me not to have our baby."
"Being my son's punching bag for 13 years has broken me. Being a punching bag for 55 years broke my mom too."
"Learning how to love well from my chosen mom has honestly helped me learn how to love my mother better."
"I’ve already informed my husband that while he’s welcome to go to brunch, he’ll be taking our son. And leaving me at home."
The show made me realize what I missed most after the birth of my son — and bingeing it on Netflix helped to fill the void.
"I walked away feeling like I had somehow already failed at motherhood — before I had even tried to conceive."
The "Nope" star welcomed her son Leodis with her boyfriend Darius Jackson in February.
Here are some tips to find your new style (which might not necessarily be the same as your old style).
How the term momcore started, how it evolved into something problematic and where it stands today.
"The moment didn’t feel at all how I’d imagined it would. Mom was loved so profoundly, so fiercely. How could her leaving be this small?"