Stay-at-home moms say it’s a far cry from the old June Cleaver image of a parent who spends any time she’s not with her children cooking and housekeeping.
It’s not just a baby that makes connecting more difficult.
"My determination to feed my son in the 'right' way evolved into a crippling postpartum depression that stripped every ounce of joy from early motherhood."
You might not realize how hurtful these comments can be.
Airing out ignorant ideas about what it means to be a Black mom is a great way to get dragged.
“Imagine having tiny hands tugging at your clothes, clinging to your legs, lifting up your shirt, and constantly wanting to be held. It can be overwhelming," one mom said.
There’s no need to resign yourself to a lifetime of peeing a little each time you sneeze.
Almost a year after the cowardly Supreme Court decided that states could decide whether women could have access to an abortion, I share my story as a mother and health care provider.
The baby's father "promised he’d be there for me no matter what I decided to do, but he also begged me not to have our baby."
"Being my son's punching bag for 13 years has broken me. Being a punching bag for 55 years broke my mom too."