Kellyanne Conway's husband called out Trump's "ingrained, pathological narcissism."
Should you stick with a narcissistic friend? Experts weigh in.
"Make your own legacy and take this opportunity to flourish and shine away from him."
First, don’t blame yourself for the state of the relationship.
The idea of diagnosing public figures — especially public figures you hate — can be appealing, but doing so is akin to diagnosing someone with a cough with pneumonia, sight unseen.
More and more Americans, especially in California, New York, Chicago and other sophisticated areas, are seeing a psychotherapist
Narcissists often seem like the perfect partner -- until they're not.
“We can't maintain the pretense that Trump is a sane and balanced adult, however much we'd like to,” says Andrew Sullivan.
News just broke a few minutes ago as I write this. The Republican leader of our country has decided to use a weapon of such
When it comes to personality traits, we like others who reflect ourselves.
The last few days are showing how the resistance to the furious, insane and untrue statements of the President of the United
Trump's mental health, or lack thereof, is a trending topic on the internet, on the air, and in newspapers. A petition requesting he be required to submit to a psychiatric evaluation has already received 8000 signatures. This is well meaning, but inaccurate and misguided.