The GOP wants to split Nashville into three congressional districts, which would dilute the power of Black voters and end a century of Democratic representation.
The rising singer-songwriter gave HuffPost a sneak peek at “Cowboys & Dreamers,” a wistful paean to self-love from her acclaimed debut EP.
"Nothing we do makes a difference. The world spins on, oblivious and belligerent, as we fight to save the tidal wave coming our way," Nashville nurse Kathryn Ivey wrote.
“I don’t want to lie,” hero pilot Joel Boyers said. “It was almost a little fun for me.”
Hunt was arrested in 2019 after officers found him swerving between lanes.
The hat store sparked outrage over merchandise many described as anti-Semitic.
Anthony Quinn Warner sent information to friends days before the Christmas blast in downtown Nashville, according to authorities.
A look back at the year’s most notable events, from wildfires in Australia, racial justice protests in the United States and a pandemic around the world.
The vehicle is heard playing audio warnings just before it explodes, sending broken glass and debris throughout the area.
Investigators linked Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, to human remains at the bomb site in downtown Nashville using DNA. Police believe no one else is involved.