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National Parks

The White House has been preparing for Trump's extravagant military displays, which will reportedly include tanks and a flyover from Air Force One.
The president has long been fascinated by displays of military might.
"Donald Trump's Independence Day" as the National Park Service calls it, will include military jets and a speech by the president.
Code Pink organizers plan to bring a giant diaper-clad Trump to the president's Fourth of July rally in DC -- but would rather the entire event gets canceled.
They could vanish in 50 years – or be protected by "wildlife corridors," researchers say.
California's iconic national park was subjected to acts of vandalism and destruction during the lapse in appropriations.
President Donald Trump signed a short-term deal Friday to end the partial government shutdown.
One day after a partial government shutdown came to an end, park rangers were able to greet visitors.
While many national parks have been forced to close, there are great state-run alternatives.
Keeping parks and monuments open while the government is shuttered is “mortgaging the park service’s future,” one ranger said.
California's iconic park was set to close temporarily on Thursday due to a lapse in appropriations caused by the partial government shutdown.
Arizona, South Dakota, Tennessee and Utah didn’t get reimbursed for using their own money to keep national parks open during a 2-week shutdown in 2013.
The iconic California park has reportedly fallen to waste during the shutdown.
The president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association invited "all Americans to join us in these parks and others across the nation."
Trump's decision to keep the parks open during the weekslong budget impasse is no longer workable, an official said.
A spokesman for the National Park Service did not comment on whether a lack of staffing impacted how quickly rangers reached the man who fell.
A spokesman for the Department of the Interior said the parks service was attempting to keep “iconic areas” open during the shutdown, but that did not include the tower — until the GSA stepped in.
Filth spreads as overused restrooms and trash bins are locked, causing public health concerns.
Resolving the impasse seems unlikely before Thursday, when the House and Senate return.
This is so not lit -- the National Park Service says the tree site near the White House will stay closed until the shutdown ends.