National Parks

Growth in tourism and population has led local governments to set aside tax dollars to boost federal agencies.
Twitter reminds the first lady of her husband's dismal record on public lands.
Harassing a bison isn't just disrespectful to wildlife, it's extremely dangerous.
Nine parks have received more than $10 million to design and build accessibility projects as examples for other parks.
Six ICE protesters were arrested, along with the climber. The protesters said the climber wasn't part of their group.
"It is the only responsible decision that we can make under the current circumstances," the park's warden said.
"It's a hell of a way to be treated after four decades," says park superintendent Dan Wenk.
A crappy situation involving a Putin crony, Trump sanctions and the bathrooms of a government building.
The former House Speaker went straight to Ryan Zinke upon learning of an effort to display the statue on the National Mall.
A dark money group with ties to Mike Pence ran a campaign-style ad praising the interior secretary for a budget proposal to service national parks.
The new Bears Ears National Monument boundary strips protections for approximately three-fourths of known archaeological treasures.
The National Park Service says a student group sought permission to use the mall first.
Obtaining congressional approval is "time consuming," the administration's infrastructure plan states. So the president wants to defer to his Interior Secretary.
And the Trump administration is looking to green light new surveys — a move scientists warn comes with significant risks.
As Congress stares down yet another deadline, state leaders once again may have to decide whether to open their own wallets to protect their local tourism industries.
While in the United States, Donald Trump announces plans to gut public land protections.
The Trump administration has pledged to address the National Park Service's $12 billion maintenance backlog.