New Parents

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Society shouldn’t be allowed to continuously pat itself on the back for simply acknowledging this incredibly widespread and common experience.
“Why won’t my partner help me as much with the baby?”
“Nothing you do as a parent will ever be good enough for the people on the internet.”
For years, doctors have been totally stumped on how to relieve frazzled parents.
"Congrats on your newest tax deduction."
I'm sure someone reading this right now has dealt with or knows someone who has dealt with nighttime potty training. Visit
Even during the hardest of times whether it be during a growth spurt or teething, all it takes is one of her gummy smiles or belly laughs to make me realize I would rather spend a bad day with her, then a good day with anybody else.
Being pregnant is one of those strange, surreal experiences that causes you to feel both fully connected to your body and also disconnected from it.
The attraction is visceral, instant and natural. Before I know it, I'm thinking about those well-lit aisles and big red carts and white, gleaming floors. I need to be there.
Under the milk ducts and unpainted toenails and old yoga pants, you are still YOU.
I've tried to give myself grace and time, the same advice I'd give to any new working mom. The best way I've found to combat guilt has been to cultivate balance.
As trite as it sounds, sleep deprivation is no laughing matter and can have a serious impact on yours and your child's well-being. Taking steps to ensure that your child gets enough sleep will also work in your favor in your quest in taking care of yourself as you take care of your family.
The dreaded early wake ups - the mornings where your sweet-faced, vivacious little one wake up at 4:30 or 5:00 AM happily