The event comes after Alyssa Milano defended breastfeeding in public on "The Wendy Williams Show."
An employee at a Bob Evans in Tampa, Florida embarrassed a breastfeeding mother by asking her to cover up in late May, but
Breastfeeding in public has been a hot button global debate over parental rights and public behaviors for decades. New furor ignited recently in England when a mother was ousted from a store for nursing her child.
No one would breastfeed for a year (which is really just the minimum recommendation) if we could not continue with our lives while doing so. If we were stuck at home, unable to go shopping, eat at restaurants or play with our older children, it would be impossible.
On Tuesday, Feb. 26, protesters gathered at the Satellite Cafe in Sydney, Australia after mother of two Regan Matthews was
After hearing Warfield’s story, the “lactivists” took action. A group planned a nurse-in at Hollister locations nationwide
As moms who participate in nurse-ins often point out, the American Academy of Pediatrics and World Health Organization agree
Mother of two Rachel Papantonakis organized the event. She announced it in January because she felt it was time to take action
Join breastfeeding moms and advocates by observing National Breastfeeding Month during the month of August.
There’s plenty of big breasts in Miami, but only one is 5 feet tall. "Besides convenience and the incredible nutritional
For one week, Blomberg, a staunch supporter of women's rights, was chosen to take over and speak to approximately 28,000
Moms who are protesting and campaigning to destigmatize breastfeeding in public have a new face supporting their cause: Beyonce
"We're hoping we open the door a crack for lactation accommodations for all kinds of other major sporting events," Cardarelli
UPDATE: Jan. 13 - A Facebook spokesperson contacted The Huffington Post and issued the following statement: UPDATE: Jan. 23
Michelle Hickman was reportedly nursing her baby at a Target Nov. 29 when several employees asked her to move to a fitting
UPDATE: 12/28: Best for Babes reached out to Target last week to see if they could work together in advance of this event
That day, 40 moms showed up at the Clock Tower and breastfed their babies in front of Christmas shoppers. Earlier this week