The event comes after Alyssa Milano defended breastfeeding in public on "The Wendy Williams Show."
The Upstate SC Moms congregated at Walmart on Monday, following the nurse-in trend that's become popular in the last few
Others responded to Gray's comment, urging the restaurant to inform their employees of a mother's right to breastfeed in
Breastfeeding in public has been a hot button global debate over parental rights and public behaviors for decades. New furor ignited recently in England when a mother was ousted from a store for nursing her child.
No one would breastfeed for a year (which is really just the minimum recommendation) if we could not continue with our lives while doing so. If we were stuck at home, unable to go shopping, eat at restaurants or play with our older children, it would be impossible.
Houghton, the cafe owner, did not attend the nurse-in. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Houghton was allegedly cyber
But the story doesn't end there. Murray told the news station that two security guards said they either "needed to leave
However, it is legal to nurse in public in New Hampshire, and Healy was offended by the implication that she was doing something