Violence broke out at supermarkets that chopped the price.
This isn't the first ingredient-centric café to open — in fact, the trend has been blowing up recently.
Kids love dips, especially hummus. And homemade hummus always trumps store bought: it’s healthier, tastier and — best part
The number one ingredient in Nutella is not chocolate. It’s not even hazelnuts.
Some palm oil products being removed from supermarket shelves around the world as a result of a report that suggested the
The maker of Nutella, the chocolate-hazelnut spread loved by many Americans, wants a smaller serving size to be listed on
1. Remove the cake from the oven after 30 minutes and put it to the side to cool. 2. Take it out of the pan, careful not
Just after crossing from Switzerland into France we made a quick lunch stop at a modern mall next to the expressway. In this
Not all is lost! For every unhealthy yummy, gooey, well loved treat, there's ALWAYS a way to make your own healthy version at home.
Have you ever faced the heart-breaking decision of having to choose between Nutella and Biscoff in the supermarket? Well, why don't buy both? Or even better, why don't buy both and combine them together into a super easy and epic dessert?
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Get the Nutella Muddy Buddies recipe! I think it's my body trying to make up for all the years of me not eating it. I didn't
A healthier spin on your favorite hazelnut spread in honor of #WorldNutellaDay!
Nutella popcorn is coated with chocolate and Nutella candy coating, then dried in the oven for a nice, crunchy popcorn that will keep you coming back for more! There's nothing like a big bowl of popcorn while watching movies or the big game.