“We feel the frequency and severity of the crimes being encountered by our customers and associates leave us no alternative,” the company's chief operating officer said.
Frustrated, heartbroken A’s fans arrived early for tailgating and solidarity at the Oakland Coliseum to both celebrate their team and protest a planned relocation to Las Vegas.
The school serves recent immigrants ages 16-21 who have fled violence and instability in their home countries.
"The 'people's convoy' making friends and getting breakfast served in Oakland," quipped one area resident.
“We’re hoping we can rehydrate the fingers using our medical technology and hopefully get some fingerprints and any type of DNA,” authorities said of the grim discovery.
Operation is part of a national effort to protect animals using an experimental vaccine.
In California, where both homelessness and COVID-19 cases are on the rise, cities are rushing to help unhoused people — but advocates worry it won’t be enough.
They missed crucial parts of the NBA Finals because of the late night comedian.
Kevin Moore was in uniform, with a clipboard and fire truck during a routine inspection. Residents called 911 and videotaped him.
Earlier deaths were caused by a ship strike and entanglement, while the latest death is still being examined.