The common denominator that we share here is our love for God, our neighbor, and God's Earth, and our refusal to bow down to the tyranny of fear that threatens to envelop the world in warfare and other violence.
Big Mama's Kitchen and Catering in Omaha, Nebraska is a destination for out-of-town foodies and local restaurant aficionados alike. For restauranteur Patricia Barron, the soul food eatery is the culmination of a lifetime of cooking, collecting recipes, and honing her business skills.
Early morning, June 24th, Great Britain did what few polls, and politicians, predicted it was capable of doing: stand up for itself. "
The Berlinale is widely considered - along with Venice, Cannes, Sundance and Toronto - among the five most important film festivals on earth.
Plan to update curriculum has widespread support despite protests.
Meet Annabel Averett, an Omaha elementary schooler who organized a Mouse Freedom Front.
"Dignity. That’s what you should be shouting about."
More than 167,000 pounds of ground beef are being recalled due to a possible E. coli contamination. The contamination is believed to have occurred at an All American Meats, Inc. facility in Omaha, Nebraska during the month of October. All of the products have a “sell by date” of November 3, 2015.
Religion does us a disservice when it seeks to remove uncertainty from life. Have you ever noticed how the more certainty a religion claims to deliver, the more frenzied and hysterical are its adherents?