Opioid Epidemic

"Her disease brought her to places of incredible darkness, and this darkness compounded on itself."
State officials have linked the herbal supplement to six deaths and claim most users are injecting it. A leading kratom scientist calls "B.S."
How one North Carolina clinic helped patients with opioid addiction during the storm.
ABC canceled "Roseanne" after Barr made racist comments about former Obama White House adviser Valerie Jarrett.
The measure passed by a 99-1 vote Monday evening.
Tired of being told that opioids were the only thing that could help with her pain, this Navy vet has taken the holistic route.
There's no evidence behind the Justice Department's claim that sites are "very dangerous."
Many teens are taking Xanax combined with opioids and alcohol.
In reality, it helped patients with addiction access treatment.
New estimates indicate that the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl continues to drive the crisis.
With the legal fate of kratom hanging in the balance, some health officials are pushing dubious claims about the herbal supplement's deadly risks.
The synthetic drug fentanyl is sweeping the country. It appeared in these cities first -- and people who use it tend to share needles.
Two-thirds of prisoners have a problem with opioids, but incarceration isn't set up to get people the treatment they need.
As the feds crack down on opioid prescriptions, patients are taking their own lives, doctors are losing their jobs and overdose rates continue unabated.
Women are both uniquely susceptible to prescription opioids and face additional structural barriers to accessing addiction treatment.
A lawyer representing Samantha Jones said she did not intentionally hurt her baby, calling it a “horrific, unfathomable accident.”
Officials call for prescription curbs, as anxiety drugs show up in more overdose deaths.
The answer to treating addiction must be more than just 15 minutes and a prescription.
Donald J. Trump, as candidate and president, has trumped the attention span of this country, possibly of the planet.
If you're going to be an anti-opioid advocate, then you must be pro-something else.