Oscar de la Renta

The co-creative director of the iconic fashion house spoke with HuffPost about how his background influences his designs.
Oscar de la Renta designers Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim told Vanity Fair that the actress' look was inspired by Nina Mae McKinney.
The Duchess of Sussex's Oscar de la Renta look featured birds, deer and bright flowers.
The Duchess of Sussex's dress looked ready to take flight on Friday night.
"I'm not like, lying to myself, and I'm not feeling bad about that either."
The cake can set the theme for the entire wedding (and often does) and when you think about it, it's the only guest to have its own table! So it's really important to find the right designer to help you create whatever is perfect for you.
As curator of the Oscar de la Renta exhibition, now at de Young Museum of Fine Arts, in San Fransisco, it was a great privilege to illustrate in eight galleries, the comprehensive and profound depths of his career, from his early works in the Sixties, under the label Elizabeth Arden, to his own name, to the end of his life, when he died in October 2014.
“I believe that my sole purpose as a designer is to create something that I think a woman would want to wear.”
When the moment comes that you realize that you have to find that perfect gown, Manhattan is the place to be.