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I'll start with the Cook Islands, a little-known (at least to most Americans) island chain with 15 don't-blink-or-you'll-miss them blips of land spread out over 756,000-square-miles of the South Pacific, most of which is protected as a marine park.
Though hotel rooms are becoming more expensive every year, the march of prices slowed in 2012 and has failed to keep pace
Happy independence day to the Republic of Nauru! Fun fact: Did you know that the flag of Nauru is actually a map showing
BORA BORA - It began with a personal letter from the long-ago best-selling author James Michener a letter I still hold dear
The Chinese market is Australia’s fastest growing and most valuable, reports IBT, being worth more than $3.97 billion in
With more than 10,000 beaches around its shores, Australia leads the way when it comes to incredible sand and surf. Some
The city's offerings extend far beyond fancy white-tablecloth dining and Vegemite sammies. I grew up in Sydney, and although I've been living abroad for years, with each visit back home I'm pleased to witness an increasingly diverse and cosmopolitan foodscape that celebrates authentic, global cuisine on an everyman budget.
Over the centuries the Marquesas' allure has proven particularly compelling to adventurers, artists, musicians and writers.
CAPE OTWAY, Australia - Cicadas act as a backdrop, an orchestral build behind the real music. If you're near water, you can
Happy birthday to the Sydney Harbour Bridge! The structure known as The Coathanger turns the big 8-0 March 19. When the bridge