Padma Lakshmi

"The only crisis is that we have a lunatic with a lot of power," Lakshmi said on "The Daily Show."
The "Top Chef" host explained how Trump's attack on Christine Blasey Ford inspired her to go public with her own sexual assault story.
There are many reasons sexual assault survivors don't come forward.
Stars stood with Colin Kaepernick and denounced Brett Kavanaugh.
The "Top Chef" host showed up in a J. Mendel dress that may have looked familiar.
"We really love kind people who are not trying to make a joke of what it is we’re doing.”
The Teamsters were accused of using "thuggish tactics" in order to secure wages for unnecessary jobs, including allegedly threatening host Padma Lakshmi.
41 women of color got real about beauty and diversity for Allure.
It's a part of my life with disease that is still infected, and I'm not sure what kind of treatment will make it better. It must be some sort of forgiveness, but where and how do I apply it? How much longer is needed for recovery?
The director and actress is taking some much-needed time-off.
This weekend the biannual magazine Cherry Bombe hosted their annual conference in NYC to celebrate woman in food across the globe and all niches of the food industry.