Paint Projects

Every once in a while, a crafting trend comes along that's just pure genius. Crafting with nail polish easily falls into that category. The end result depends on both the type of polish you use and the technique you employ. Better yet, inexpensive, dollar store nail polishes work just as well as more expensive brands. Ready to give it a try?
7. Walls Painting the walls is something we normally think of as only possible with a brush and a bucket. But making your
Behold, Sherwin-Williams' 2015 Color Of The Year: Coral Reef. Which color will dominate everything from runways to room walls
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A couple of cans and a brush go a long way.
A little bit of color goes a long way.
For its 90th birthday, the sign is getting a totally fabulous, celebrity-approved gift.
Companies now offer a large variety of low and non-VOC paints to help keep your home beautiful.
It can be tough to find the perfect wallpaper. After searching through books at your local home improvement store, you might