Paula Deen

It's got pineapple, cheddar and a whole lot of butter.
The chef tried to share a pic taken with him, which would have revealed he was in LA last weekend.
Age is supposed to be coupled with wisdom, right? Here are five cases where it clearly is not -- and it's why I just wish these celebrity scandals involving older people would simply go away.
We don't have to hang out on that plantation anymore.
It doesn't take a whole lot to be decent. The overwhelming majority of us were originally equipped with basic tools for humanity. Using those tools is simply a choice. In the end, decency requires nothing more than your willingness.
Dinesh D'Souza Posts Fake Hillary Photo; Trump is a Whiny Diaper Baby; Ben Carson Blames Obama for the War on Women; Disturbing Bernie Sanders News; and much more.
Paula Deen is at it again, posting a racist photo of herself as Lucille Ball and her son, Bobby, as a brownfaced Ricky Ricardo. The public is outraged. Is this the end of Paula's reboot?
Deen found herself in a maelstrom of controversy in 2013 after court documents revealed the Southern-born celebrity had used