Peanut Butter

Anyone with unpaid parking fines at the University of Alaska Anchorage campus has the option to reduce or cover the cost of their tickets with peanut butter and jelly.
Almond butter, cashew butter and hazelnut butter are priced considerably higher than peanut butter, at up to around $15 per jar. Here's why.
"It tastes like caramel popcorn melted down into a drink ― in the best possible way."
Besides the peanut butter, Steven Shrout walked around the dog park in a gold Speedo.
Eric McKay, a 15-year-old in Virginia, accepted a challenge by Lidl grocery store and shared his prize with people affected by the shutdown.
Southerners started eating this unusual combo during the Great Depression, and today it's a source of discord across the internet.
The first things you need to ditch: your regular bread, jelly and that jar of PB. Confused yet?
Trystan Reese and Biff Chaplow have already two adopted children.
But the break wasn't smooth -- 11 of 12 got caught within a day.
It never hurts to remind yourself of the things and people you value.
"Taste the rainbow. Ingest the light. FEEL ITS POWER."
When the Michigan Wolverines play against the Buckeyes of Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio, on November 26, Buckeye supporters
Something about this nutty spread has folks confused about refrigeration.