Personal Finance

Men with higher incomes are most likely to exhibit these "financial enmeshment" behaviors.
Can you predict what you spend in a week?
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How does reality stack up to spending predictions?
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Spoiler: There are usually financial consequences for stupidity.
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You were picked on a lot as a student in college — by your credit card company, insisting that you pay on time. And now your college student is picking a credit card.
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By the time your child gets a job, they should know to avoid these traps.
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It really comes down to how you manage your debt.
Bank accounts, budgeting, taxes – you and your teen have a lot to think about.
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Those who hawk advice for a living often put their own financial interests ahead of yours.
Would *you* break it off if you found out your partner was hiding tons of debt?
Even Dave Ramsey and Warren Buffett get it wrong sometimes.
Here's how to prepare for the inevitable economic downturn.
Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions are stepping up to help furloughed and unpaid government workers.