"What's upsetting about hearing my neighbor have sex is realizing she can hear me ask my dog if we're best friends multiple times a day"
Ready to become a 'pet parent'? There’s a lot more involved than falling for a cute face. Preparing yourself thoroughly ahead of time can help ensure your pet doesn’t become one of the nearly 48 million homeless cats and dogs found across the United States.
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From puffer coats to fleece-lined hoodies, your canine companion will be just as cozy as you.
"do u think service dogs think other dogs are losers with no job or do u think they’re jealous of dogs with no job"
"Running a bath and my dog is looking nervous. So I showed her my glass of wine to reassure her the bath is not for her."
"Garfield should be voice acted by an actual cat and then there can be subtitles."
“F**k a breakup you ever chased your dog and they think it’s a game?!?! 😭😭😭😭"
After all, you're trusting the pet sitter to keep your beloved dogs and cats safe and healthy.
"My cat must think I’m so dumb considering how often I sing to him about the fact that he is a cat."
"everyone thinks that their cat is the cutest cat in the world and youre actually all correct"