The Duchess of Sussex is a "proud" rescue pet owner herself.
Joey Varker says his family is devastated over the loss of their 16-month-old Australian cattle dog, Blaze.
Researchers found that dogs' cortisol levels mirrored their owners' levels during a stressful time.
The practice, which actually involves amputating part of a cat’s toes, is already illegal in much of Europe.
White residents tend to use police to enforce their unspoken social norms.
The police had asked Californian Jeffrey Cody Miller to help watch over the pig while they tried to find its owner.
Employees at a Virginia pet shelter tried unsuccessfully to convince the estate's executor to instead put the dog in a new home.
The "My Cat From Hell" host also talked about how everyone can improve their relationship with their cats.
Animals riding in the cargo hold did not survive when the plane skidded off the Naval Air Station Jacksonville runway and took on water.
Officials also impounded 38 other dogs from the suspect's home.
The dog has since been named "Boon Rad," or "Survivor."
Police found Princess the pig and asked a neighbor to watch her while they located her owner. They returned to a gruesome scene.
These houseplants are purrfect for indoor cats and dogs.
The designation was made to raise public awareness of the many cats and dogs waiting for forever homes.
An airline statement maintains the dog was loaded correctly into the hold, contradicting an earlier report from TMZ.
Santa Rosa city officials threatened a $500-a-day fine until the homeowner cut the fence in half.
The B.A.R.K. program at the University of British Columbia features 60 dogs of mixed breeds, some of them from high-kill shelters in the U.S.
Elizabeth Warren’s Bailey isn’t the only political pup on the campaign trail.