“The weather was beautiful, the concert was beautiful, but we live in America," Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said amid the epidemic of gun violence.
Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia and Seattle and Kansas City, Missouri, were the newcomers among the 11 U.S. sites picked to host games at the 2026 World Cup.
When Trump tweeted "at me by name," the threats became "more specific, much more graphic," and included family, said a former Philadelphia city commissioner.
Officials say two men are facing murder charges and have been arrested in Virginia in the deaths of two bystanders in last weekend’s shooting in a busy entertainment district in Philadelphia.
Climate change is becoming a growing threat to schools, which are being forced to dismiss students because of extreme heat.
Philadelphia's decision will affect around 100 school buildings that don’t have “sufficient air conditioning systems” to keep temperatures below the threshold.
Two men and a woman were among those killed after several suspects fired into a large crowd just before midnight, police said.
You'll find more than just American history sites in the City of Brotherly Love.
Frank James is charged with shooting up a New York City subway train last month in an attack that wounded 10 people.
“We really want to know what caused this,” said Paul Rolle, the police commissioner of the Bahamas.