After nearly 66 years, DNA testing has identified the city's most notorious cold case victim as 4-year-old Joseph Augustus Zarelli.
The 10-year-old girl was taken to a hospital after completing the grueling trip, which was estimated as taking about 40 hours.
Philadelphia is the latest Democrat-led city affected by GOP Gov. Greg Abbott's plan to use migrant families as political props.
Gunmen emerged from a black vehicle parked in the middle of the block and opened fire, said authorities, who were still searching for suspects.
Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers likely can't remove Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner from office — so they're trying to strip him of his power instead.
Philadelphia officials greased light poles in the city before the Phillies clinched a trip to the World Series on Sunday.
Bryce Harper slugged his fifth homer of the postseason, a two-run blast in the eighth inning that powered the Phillies into the World Series for the first the time since 2009.
Nothing gets an employer’s attention quite like a union campaign.
The school year has just begun but some districts sent kids home early, canceled events or moved to remote learning due to surging temperatures.
Video shows a young girl helping her 7-year-old reptile, Wally, cool off in Love Park in Philadelphia.