"They were arguing and it turned into a fight," the manager of the Philadelphia cheesesteak landmark said.
A Patriot Front march in Philly didn't go the way the group hoped when they had to flee angry counter-protesters.
The ruling has broader implications for allowing taxpayer-funded groups, such as foster care and homeless services, to deny help based on “religious freedom.”
The progressive DA will likely win another term in office in November.
Health Commissioner Thomas Farley was forced to resign after cremating victims' remains from the 1985 police attack instead of returning them to family.
The last snowstorm dumped more than 2 feet of snow on the region. The highest snowfall on Sunday was recorded west of Philadelphia.
Philadelphia LGBTQ activist Kendall Stephens knows firsthand the horrors Black trans women face in America.
"Even when the limitations of my body overshadow me and Hannah, we can still find moments of grace."
The alleged members of the criminal organization La Cosa Nostra face racketeering, extortion, gambling and drug trafficking charges in Philadelphia.
Trump and his campaign have waged a war on the election system, relying heavily on baseless allegations of fraud in cities with large Black and brown communities.