Lauren Heike was stabbed 15 times with “apparent defensive wounds” after going missing on a trail near her home, authorities said.
The Arizona Diamondbacks, Texas Rangers, Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee Brewers are now selling beer through the eighth inning this season.
Officials said the problems with the ballots were caused, not by malicious actions, but by longer ballots on thicker paper than had been used previously.
Michael Foster spotted the 15-foot spoon behind a fence that surrounds a Phoenix middle school baseball field, just 2 miles from the scene of the heist.
The operator of a pipeline facility in California that was forced to shut down deliveries of gasoline says it resumed operations on Saturday afternoon.
The NFL Network analyst was pulled off the network's Super Bowl week coverage following a complaint about his behavior in a hotel on Sunday.
The Hall of Fame receiver said he did not know the woman and that there was “no sexual wrongdoing.”
The Wall Street Journal's Dion Rabouin was detained by police while trying to interview people outside a bank.
Police said Friday that 29-year-old Jacob Murphy died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and from gunfire from another worker outside an Amazon delivery station.
While the gag may have caused the officer’s heart to grow, it did not stop the driver from getting cited for being in the HOV lane during a restricted time.