Lawsuits seeking to disqualify Reps. Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs and state Rep. Mark Finchem allege that they are ineligible to hold office because they participated in an insurrection.
A three-judge panel ruled on Thursday that the woman’s possession of a user card provided her legal protection for medically directed cannabis treatments.
If the legislation is enacted, cities would be barred from collecting rental taxes starting in January.
The move is a reaction to the severe hospital staffing shortages and crushing caseloads that the omicron variant is causing.
Sixty two percent of Latinos who live in the U.S. say having darker skin hurts their chances of getting ahead while 59% say having light skin helps them.
The victim later gave birth to a child fathered by the accused nurse, Nathan Sutherland.
Attorney General Merrick Garland announced an investigation into whether the Arizona city and its police department have violated civil rights laws.
Six people were taken to the hospital for urgent medical care.
"Our building has been completely ruined," the Maricopa County Democratic Party tweeted of the blaze that ripped through its Phoenix headquarters.
The host did not hold back when she was told of the remarks from anti-stay-at-home demonstrators.