Plastic Surgery

For some patients, getting a BBL isn't about keeping up with the latest trend. But, as others realized after their procedures, shelling out for a curvier silhouette can be complicated.
Bella Hadid is not the only one who wishes she hadn't had cosmetic surgery when she was younger.
“In the world's eyes, I was no longer me,” the “Dirty Dancing” star said of life after her rhinoplasty.
Nadia Ilse got her ears pinned after being bullied. Other kids get nose and boob jobs to feel better about themselves. How young is too young for plastic surgery?
The "X Factor" judge said his 8-year-old son Eric “was in hysterics” seeing a photo from when he was using dermal filler.
The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star said she went under the knife just before her daughter True's first birthday
The pop star wrote on Instagram that recent weight loss led her to ponder a "boob job."
The supermodel previously denied having cosmetic surgery, telling InStyle magazine in 2018 she "wouldn’t want to mess up my face."
Unlike many of her peers in Hollywood, the "I Feel Pretty" star is especially candid about going under the knife.
"It’s been a journey," the comedian shared of getting liposuction in a candid Instagram post.