After mental health conditions, heart problems are the second leading cause of death during and after pregnancy. Here's why.
"It’s ridiculous that the doctor thought I was safe to go home. But this scenario occurs too often, and this is exactly how tragedies can happen."
The "Nope" star welcomed her son Leodis with her boyfriend Darius Jackson in February.
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From a postpartum hotel to home visits from a trained professional, these international care practices will have you looking for your passport.
The "Orange Is The New Black" star also spoke of the pressures of being in the public eye, admitting that celebrities are generally rewarded for “bouncing back.”
"My husband attended every appointment during the first and second trimester. During one visit, a nurse told him, 'You don’t really have to keep coming to these.'”
"I get off the bed and gingerly make my way to the bathroom, every step a jolt producing more and more blood... The room blurs... Then everything goes black."
Rolling back Roe v. Wade will take a real economic toll on families. I had an “easy” pregnancy and childbirth, and still paid $2,000 out of pocket.