Postpartum Depression

"After losing three months of income, taking out a loan on our house, paying enormous medical bills and paying for unexpected child care expenses, the financial stress compounded the 'mom-guilt.'"
The "Heroes" star said a member of her team encouraged her to take "happy pills" at just 15 years old.
"I loved this tiny human so much, and I was so petrified of losing him, it consumed every fiber of my being."
McCain says she had postpartum anxiety and “Joy seemed to smell that vulnerability like a shark smells blood” in her new memoir, “Bad Republican.”
'When I look around at the middle-aged women I know ... I see something entirely different than what’s depicted in the media."
It's a misconception that depression is more widespread than anxiety postpartum — and moms are struggling because of it.
Here's what moms can do to better protect their mental health the next time around.
"The very last thing that occurred to me was that our child, so long-awaited and wished-for, could tip me into an emotional free fall."