Postpartum Depression

Society shouldn’t be allowed to continuously pat itself on the back for simply acknowledging this incredibly widespread and common experience.
The singer encouraged women to honestly share their feelings after giving birth, saying it could save lives.
Postpartum depression affects 1 in 9 women. Here's what you need to know.
"This is so serious. If it gets bad, it can go bad very quickly.”
And researchers hope it could treat the condition in days.
The United States has the worst maternal and infant mortality rates in the developed world.
Karen Kleiman aims to shatter "the myth that all new mothers feel wonderful about being mothers.”
The Michigan mother, formerly on "16 and Pregnant," suffered postpartum anxiety and depression after a second baby.
It’s not as well-known as postpartum depression, but for new moms it's just as debilitating.
Bunmi Laditan wrote about not feeling an instant connection with her third baby.
And in doing so, the show highlighted something many others haven't.
We need to educate, continue the dialogue and open the floor for questions we can and must ask one another about wellness.
What you should ACTUALLY expect when you're expecting.