Postpartum Depression

The "Cravings" cookbook author said she wants the implants "out now" in a new interview with Glamour UK.
The couple welcomed their second daughter, Marli, in August.
"Hormonal. Sleep deprivation. Fogginess. Physical pain. Isolation. Anxiety."
New research highlights an issue that many women already know too well.
I wish I’d know that feeling extremely energized and motivated when my daughter was only days old wasn’t a sign of superhuman strength, but a serious medical concern.
The cookbook author continues to talk about her experience in hopes of tackling mental health stigma.
"I just love food too much," the author and model said.
Moms of "difficult" infants were twice as likely to have serious depressive symptoms as those with "easy" babies.
It's expensive, but it could treat severe PPD in two days.
For the first time, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved medicine to treat postpartum depression.
The 60-hour brexanolone infusion treatment is expected to be available starting in June.
The book "Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts" tackles postpartum depression and anxiety, guilt and more.
Society shouldn’t be allowed to continuously pat itself on the back for simply acknowledging this incredibly widespread and common experience.
The singer encouraged women to honestly share their feelings after giving birth, saying it could save lives.
Postpartum depression affects 1 in 9 women. Here's what you need to know.
"This is so serious. If it gets bad, it can go bad very quickly.”
And researchers hope it could treat the condition in days.
The United States has the worst maternal and infant mortality rates in the developed world.