Postpartum Depression

A new study suggests it may be as common as postpartum anxiety and depression.
An alarming new study shows that suicidality cuts across race, ethnicity, class, educational attainment and geography.
It's not just right after giving birth. A new study shows that for a significant number of moms, symptoms persist for years.
Jamina Bone's relatable illustrations explore what it's like to experience the "baby blues" after having a child.
I struggled ferociously with the shame of being a Muslim woman who could not find inner peace by praying.
"It’s almost like this pandemic is creating a system where we’re setting women up to develop depression and anxiety postpartum."
The "Cravings" cookbook author said she wants the implants "out now" in a new interview with Glamour UK.
The couple welcomed their second daughter, Marli, in August.
"Hormonal. Sleep deprivation. Fogginess. Physical pain. Isolation. Anxiety."
New research highlights an issue that many women already know too well.