Postpartum Depression

"I thought, you know, ‘Fireball will fix this ― duh. And it didn’t,'" the "Nashville" actor said.
The reality TV star spoke about dealing with postpartum depression after the birth of her children: Stormi, 5, and Aire, 1.
"After losing three months of income, taking out a loan on our house, paying enormous medical bills and paying for unexpected child care expenses, the financial stress compounded the 'mom-guilt.'"
The "Heroes" star said a member of her team encouraged her to take "happy pills" at just 15 years old.
"I loved this tiny human so much, and I was so petrified of losing him, it consumed every fiber of my being."
McCain says she had postpartum anxiety and “Joy seemed to smell that vulnerability like a shark smells blood” in her new memoir, “Bad Republican.”
'When I look around at the middle-aged women I know ... I see something entirely different than what’s depicted in the media."
It's a misconception that depression is more widespread than anxiety postpartum — and moms are struggling because of it.