Potty Training

The actress told us how she's empowering her daughters and raising 'strong ladies.'
I know some would say, "It's just underwear," and accuse me of overreacting. But that's exactly my point -- it is just underwear. This is the kind of crap (pun) we are looking at with just underwear.
by Norine Dworkin-McDaniel & Jessica Ziegler of Science of Parenthood Excerpted from Science of Parenthood: Thoroughly Unscientific
You Give a Whole New Meaning To The Term "Potty Mouth" During the potty training process it's like your conversation is always
What about those moments you're supposed to look forward to, only to discover they actually aren't as magical as you thought? We're here to let you down (gently) about these 15 "magical" parenting moments.
"This potty training has made me delirious I think."
The entire ride from 12-36 months was a battle of taking a few steps forward, then a few back. Somewhere along the way, I realized this was going to be 100% on his terms. My son was in complete control of potty training.
Lynn: There's no magic number. Each child moves through milestones at different rates. It also depends on the parent's willingness
Full disclosure: I did TRY to potty train my daughter. We got a copy of The 3-Day Potty Training Method, a surefire way to potty train any child in just 3 days. They were arguably the worst 5 days of my life. And guess what. She still wasn't trained!
Potty training is an act of faith and the ritual helps us through when it's hard and lets us celebrate when it's great. One day my kids will be potty trained and will forget that this was ever something they struggled with
"No," he said, looking blank. It was at that moment that I slumped against the washing machine and broke down about my children
There are many things parents go through with their children, but the horrors of potty training can be truly traumatizing.
It also takes far fewer wipes to clean a baby up when he or she is going in a toilet, I never had to buy diaper rash creams
This post originally appeared on the OMG EDU blog. I told myself that as the adult in this relationship I should model linguistic
My younger son seems to be well on his way to being potty trained! He does great when we are home, & we are working on being able to be out & about & distracted now too.