The Power Of Humanity


True healing requires more than just medicine and treatment. We've observed that compassion and a human touch can benefit our health and our lives in myriad ways. In partnership with Dignity Health, The Huffington Post presents The Power of Humanity, an editorial section dedicated to infusing more compassion into health care and our daily lives. Through coverage of inspiring patient support, treatment delivered with human kindness and simple but powerful acts of humanity, we’ll show the amazing potential outcomes when heart and health go hand-in-hand. If you'd like to contribute, please email powerofhumanity

"You know there’s a problem when the mother of a 28-year-old calls to schedule a therapy consultation for her son."
As society becomes more aware of the adverse impact that daily stressors have on health and happiness, more people have turned
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A story of a journey through peanut allergy treatment.
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When we hear stories of people paying it forward, or unexpected acts of kindness between strangers, we tend to spread the
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These people are using technology to save humanity.
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'Cause Lord knows we could all use some positive news!
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"Crying isn’t sign of weakness, it’s simply an emotional reaction to work and life.”
I'm experiencing creaks in my floorboards.
“Use your energy to lift those that you admire rather than be cruel to those u don’t,” she wrote.
A collection of stories about the unexpected kindness of strangers. Share yours!
Kathy Manochi’s smile always makes me smile. Not just responsively, but in my heart first. No matter my mood. No matter the
The actor spoke to HuffPost about parenting and his new book for young readers.
“Truly believe that all Johnny needs is one little break."
Former President Barack Obama gives back to the community for Christmas.
The star, doing Hurricane Maria relief work, spoke out for Hollywood's initiative combatting workplace sexual harassment.
Thursday marks five years since the horrific tragedy in Newtown.
Aden Huser got separated from his family in the chaos of the shooting.
Asian-Americans are 3 times less likely than whites to ask for mental health help.
"These doulas are giving their clients the gift of judgment-free support."
A heartwarming video perfectly captures the spirit of the season.
Claire Wineland - The Clarity Project: Claire is a YouTuber who documents her daily life as she lives with cystic fibrosis
The series is part of a campaign from the global nonprofit WaterAid.
“Let’s see if this year we can get 1 million people to send kind vibrations out to the universe all at once!”
The royal has been open about how counseling has helped him get through difficult times in his life.
"If anyone has any nice allegations against a celebrity that would be great too."
"All of a sudden there’s a shattering of this stereotype with this troop."
The actress shared a love-filled message for her daughter's birthday.
“Everyone was happy the whole flight,” a passenger said of their smooth ride that raised money for Relay for Life.
"Even in the darkest storm of losing a child there can still be joy that new life brings."
Why not use texting as a support mechanism?
Learn how it feels to get one and how you can help.
Despite the fact that I have spent more than a decade of holidays without my late-husband and son, every single year I find
“It truly made me feel good about myself and the job I do."
Think of Daymaker as a GoFundMe geared toward kids.
The actress spoke to us about how she's raising her kids and what keeps her family grounded.
The condition doesn't just cause emotional issues, but physical ones as well.
“Our hope is that by sharing their stories with one another, we can show that there is life beyond HIV," said Positively Aware editor-in-chief Jeff Berry.
It’s no secret that teachers help shape our futures by being central figures in our lives at a young age. For some teachers
"This bell just like cancer never stood a chance."
The I Promise School is scheduled to open in 2018 in James' hometown.
Edgar Palomo wants to "normalize the environment" for his patients.
"When you get to kindergarten, nobody asks you if you were breast or bottle fed."
After hearing girls in her class complain about their looks, this teacher made a music video to boost their confidence.
Kindness defeats hate 💕
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She and her mom are an inspiration, and not just because of their outfits.
This takes community reachout to an adorable next level.
Currently, 40% of all food goes to waste in San Diego leaving one in five people in the city food insecure. Food insecurity
“People shouldn’t be surprised to see that a campaign like this is being lead by Muslim women."
An Indian community center honored him for his bravery.
"I now know that there is nothing wrong with me, and that I am just as American as that white boy."
From tackling racism to featuring a boy with Down syndrome and more.
From high fives to "warm and fuzzy jars" to visits to the LGBTQ club.
"I really wanted to pass it for, like, years and all of a sudden, I passed it!"
Singer wanted her hometown "to see our lights and to hear us."
"My parents have done so much for my sister and me," the 19-year-old says.
Photographer, mother and ex-athlete Kate T. Parker wants to celebrate girls' individuality.
The Panther Bots won't let racism get in the way of the World Championships.
Big Bird learns that his new friend does things a bit differently, and that's OK.
They're also saving taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.
This underwater sling is causing a wave of excitement.