Prince Harry

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spoke about their trouble with the media spotlight in a new interview.
The Duke of Sussex could barely hold it together during the emotional moment.
The baby royal apparently is a true chip off old Prince Harry's block.
It's a comical case of misunderstanding in the clip that the Duke of Sussex and the singer put out to mark World Mental Health Day.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are both suing British newspapers.
The new legal action comes a few days after Meghan Markle announced she is suing the Mail on Sunday for publishing a private letter she wrote to her father.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex both made speeches on their last day in South Africa.
"I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces," Harry wrote in the letter.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are wrapping up their tour of South Africa soon.
The infant showed he had game in a cute-as-heck highlight from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's South African tour.
The Duke of Sussex and Sandra Tigica discussed the progress that has been made to clear minefields, 22 years after Princess Diana's visit.
Meghan Markle called Archie "an old soul" during the family's meeting with Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
The Duchess of Sussex wore a headscarf during the visit, while the duke changed into a suit.
The Duchess of Sussex denounced gender-based violence as she and Prince Harry began their royal trip in Cape Town.
Prince Harry and Jared Kushner also showed up for designer Misha Nonoo's nuptials.
Two reviews deemed a report's inclusion of the offensive image to be in the public interest.
She celebrated the Duke of Sussex, who turned 35 on Sunday, as “the best husband and most amazing dad.”