Princess Diana

"She felt so alive to me when I was making this movie," said the actor, who is garnering early Oscars buzz for her portrayal of the late royal in "Spencer."
Stewart brings the drama in the first poster for the upcoming biopic, which hits theaters in November.
Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West are taking over the roles for the fifth season of the hit royal drama.
It was given to Moya Smith, a royal staffer, who preserved it with cling film and dated it July 29, 1981.
From colorful swimsuits to breezy pants, the Princess of Wales' summer fashion was timeless.
Kitty Spencer wore five custom gowns for her wedding to Michael Lewis in Italy.
The slice is in pretty great condition, considering it was made 40 years ago.
Ferguson told People magazine that she and the Princess of Wales “were positioned as saint and sinner.”
The actor, Prince Harry and Prince William all lost beloved parents at a young age.
Charles Spencer, brother of the late royal, attend the unveiling of a statue dedicated to Diana, alongside her two sisters.