Princess Letizia

How does one select an outfit to wear on the day she becomes queen? For the royal formerly known as Princess Letizia, a formal
The soon-to-be queen of Spain wasn't always royalty. Princess Letizia, who will become queen on Thursday when her husband
But Letizia, who is expected to become Spain's new queen in June following the official abdication of her father-in-law, is
Older and worn out, the king who once apologized to his people, is now leaving office. By choice, yes, but also driven by the reality of a country that has long stopped considering him untouchable, a time when his crucial role in the transition of the country to democracy is diluted in memory and is not enough to ensure the unconditional support of the people.
Congratulations are in order for the new King of Spain, Felipe! CNN reported Monday that the 46-year-old prince will be taking
Princess Letizia isn't the flashiest of dressers, preferring pantsuits and sheath dresses in shades of beige and black. (And
Indeed. Check out the pair as the they opened the 30th annual Miami Book Fair International last night at the packed Gusman
While we're not 100 percent sure the look merited a repeat performance, we give Maria Teresa props for taking the millinery
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So what's the big deal about the color? Well, Letizia's always wearing black. Sometimes charcoal. But really, more black
Whether she was meeting the Pope with hubby Prince Felipe and her daughters, hobnobbing at the royal wedding or schmoozing
Last time we were there it was overcast, but the sun was shining brightly today as the prince and the princess took in the
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Check out last night's LBD below as well as her best style moments thus far this fall. Whether dressed up for a gala, or
But Princess Letizia surprised us by stepping out last week in a glittery black jacket with similar black pants and heels
Check out the royal's weekend looks! Earlier in the day, the royal wore a tweedy sheath with navy appliques paired with beige
Princess Letizia make an appearance in Segovia with her husband, Prince Felipe of Spain, wearing her go-to outfit: a solid