Public Health

As COVID-19 spreads throughout ICE facilities nationwide, the public health crisis of the coronavirus has compromised the U.S. immigration detention system endangering medically vulnerable detained individuals and staff.
Can we eventually expect the virus to just surge in the winter like the flu or the common cold? Here's what we know.
Scientists question the effectiveness of the strict strategy against the highly transmissible omicron BA.2 variant.
The research raises alarms over missed opportunities for early detection that could cause a surge in later-stage patients.
The New York City Board of Health passed a resolution that includes a list of action items for the city’s health department.
The president said he was considering requiring COVID-19 vaccines for federal employees. At least one report said the mandate would be announced this week.
The mayor and the Salt Lake City Council acknowledged on Tuesday that racism harmfully impacts the mental and physical health of communities of color.
Here's what to drink, how to recognize a heat-related illness and why children are more vulnerable to heatstroke.
The Georgia Republican's comments came after intense bipartisan backlash for her efforts to compare pandemic-era public health guidelines to the Holocaust.
"The 'I got vaccinated because I believe in science' and 'the vaccine contains a microchip' camps are not the only ones that exist."