Queen Elizabeth II

The former president bragged about knowing high-profile figures during the promotion of his new book.
It will be the first state visit by a British monarch since 2015, as the late Queen Elizabeth stopped traveling abroad in her later years.
The Duchess of York adopted the dogs following the monarch's death.
A man who was arrested in the grounds of Windsor Castle with a loaded crossbow has pleaded guilty to treason for planning to attack Queen Elizabeth II.
The new $5 bill will feature an Indigenous design rather than an image of King Charles III.
Harry was asked about his and Megan Markle's continued use of their duke and duchess titles after stepping back from the royal family in 2020.
"Christmas is a particularly poignant time for all of us who have lost loved ones," the monarch said.
The first picture has been shared ahead of the new monarch's Christmas broadcast.
Russian President Vladimir Putin's brutal war against Ukraine was one of the most significant news stories of the year.
Lady Susan Hussey and the British charity boss have met after the late monarch's lady in waiting faced a backlash for asking where she “really came from."